We are leaders in world class value chain strategy development.

Our methodology provides a Strategic National Framework for globally competitive localisation enterprises.


Our Maturity Assessment Framework contains a comprehensive library of over 400 statements for Strategy, Planning, Buy, Make, Maintain, Move, Store and Sell processes.

We will enhance your organisations supply chain maturity and create high performance value chain teams.


We will help you to be globally competitive.

Our goal is to identify products that will deliver massive value creation through focused localised manufacturing.

Msanda's Value Add: It’ll blow your mind.

In this world we find the destruction of time and space barriers, the risk of “ubered” business models; big data overload; and increasing pressure to sweat assets. This is a world where collaborative value chain partnerships are replacing the age-old concept of single point optimisation; within the four walls of the factory.

Value Chain collaboration is a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we conduct business. Collaborative planning between partners is not a new idea. However, true collaboration only occurs when two or more partners share the responsibility of exchanging planning, management, execution, and performance measurement data.

We have developed a simple yet powerful methodology to assist in the development of value chain strategies.

High Performance Value Chains: See for yourself.

Complex decisions are made throughout the value chain such as funding for strategic investments, least cost distribution models, optimal product mix, raw material sourcing, inventory planning, sales order promising, optimised production scheduling, Return on Supply Chain Assets, and replenishment planning.

Real time complex cost vs. profit trade-off considerations are required to balance interdependent limited resources.

The critical skills required to meet these challenges are a significant constraint in the optimal performance of competitive value chains - where the risk and cost of executive failure is just too high!

Our approach will:

  • Enhance the organisations supply chain maturity;
  • Create high performance value chain teams; and
  • Focus on delivering real value without the need to hire costly consultants.

So how good are you really? Try our Value Chain Audit.

Due to Increasing global pressure, accentuated by a Wall Street syndrome to outperform the last quarter, we find that it is not only the financial services industry that has bamboozled shareholders and customers alike, but also some of the world’s leading industrial firms.

The King IV draft provide some guidelines on governance reporting, which might be adequate for financial services firms, but the structure and content of an “integrated report” for the value chain industry are not clearly defined; or accepted as a best practice requirement.

The current structure of the integrated report provides limited insight into the health of a technical value chain, leaving its stakeholders exposed.

So, how healthy is your value chain? Our independent and objective audit will verify this and challenge the status quo.